Joining Forces with Skate Culture: A Kick Push Forward

cover photo for CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL's push into skateboard culture


In the dynamic world of fashion and lifestyle, there are few brands that manage to carve their unique niche while simultaneously embracing a vibrant subculture. CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL is one such brand, and it is with immense excitement that we announce our groundbreaking push towards skateboard culture.

Embracing Skateboard Culture

Skateboarding is more than just a sport; it's a lifestyle that embodies creativity, individuality, and fearless expression. At CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL, we've always aimed to celebrate these values through our products. From the very beginning, our brand has been synonymous with boldness and originality. This alignment with skateboarding culture was a natural progression for us.

The Rob Skate Collaboration

Our journey into the skateboard culture took an exhilarating turn when we teamed up with Rob Skate, a well-respected figure in the skateboarding community. Based in Northern California, Rob Skate's skate parks have become a haven for skaters of all ages and skill levels. The park exudes a sense of community, camaraderie, and passion – values that resonate deeply with CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL.


sign of rob skate in sunvalley maall in concord california for CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL's skate push

CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL at Rob Skate's Park in Concord, CA

A highlight of our collaboration is the introduction of CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL products at the Rob Skate park location in Concord. As skaters gather at this vibrant hub of energy and creativity, they will now have the opportunity to explore and purchase our uniquely designed hats. Our products are more than just accessories; they are an extension of the skateboarding spirit – daring, distinctive, and unapologetic.

Rob Skate's Skatepark for CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL's skate push


Rob Skate: A Revered Name in the Skateboarding Community

Rob Skate stands as a revered figure within the skateboarding community, commanding respect and admiration for his unwavering dedication to the sport. With his roots deeply embedded in Northern California, Rob has cultivated an environment at his skate parks in Concord and San Leandro that goes beyond just ramps and wheels – it's a hub of unity, creativity, and a shared passion for skateboarding.

His skate parks have become a haven for enthusiasts of all skill levels, where newcomers and veterans alike can come together to hone their skills, express themselves, and foster a genuine sense of camaraderie. Rob's commitment to cultivating a thriving community around skateboarding aligns perfectly with CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL's core values of embracing authenticity, self-expression, and vibrant individuality.

Rob Skate at a skateboarding event photo used for CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL's skate push

What to Expect

Visitors to the Rob Skate skate park can look forward to a specially curated display of CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL hats. From classic designs that pay homage to skateboarding's roots to cutting-edge styles that capture the essence of modern skate culture, our collection has something for every skater's taste. The hats are not just fashion statements; they are symbols of a shared passion that bridges the gap between streetwear and skateboarding.

Excitement Abounds

The enthusiasm surrounding our collaboration with Rob Skate is palpable. The opportunity to be present at a skate park as renowned and respected as Rob Skate is an honor that we do not take lightly. As we delve into the world of skateboard culture, we are excited to witness our brand becoming a part of the daily lives and adventures of skaters who frequent the park.

In Conclusion

CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL's partnership with Rob Skate and our foray into the skateboard culture mark a significant milestone in our journey. We believe that skateboarding is not just a sport, but a way of life that resonates with our brand's core values. The skate park's environment of passion and unity aligns perfectly with what we stand for, and we can't wait to see how our products become a part of this vibrant community.

So, whether you're a seasoned skater or someone who simply appreciates the indomitable spirit of skateboard culture, be sure to visit Rob Skate's skate park in Concord, CA. Come and explore the CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL display, try on our hats, and become a part of this exciting fusion of fashion and skateboarding. We're thrilled about this new chapter, and we invite you to join us as we pave the way into the skateboard culture, one bold cap at a time!


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