Stitching Dreams: CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL's Anime Adventure Begins

CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL Drip-X Tactical hat with anime patches

In a world where creative possibilities know no bounds, CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL has embarked on a thrilling journey that merges fashion with fandom. The renowned hat company, known for its innovative removable hook and loop (velcro) patch feature, has set its sights on the vibrant and captivating universe of anime. That's right, CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL is diving headfirst into the anime industry, bringing its distinctive tactical patch hats to a whole new audience.

From Hats to Hype: CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL's Tactical Transformation

What happens when you combine a passion for hats with a flair for innovation? You get CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL's groundbreaking concept: hats with tactical patch options. These hats aren't just headgear; they're expressions of individuality, style, and now, fandom. The removable hook and loop patch (also known as Velcro) feature allows wearers to effortlessly switch between their favorite 2x3 inch patches, creating a dynamic accessory that reflects their mood, interests, and passions.

CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL anime patches for our tactical hats

Venturing into the Anime Realm: CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL's Odyssey

The anime industry, with its kaleidoscope of colors, fantastical characters, and intricate storytelling, has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Recognizing the immense appeal of anime, CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL has decided to immerse itself in this world of creativity and imagination. Anime conventions, those magical gatherings where fans unite to celebrate their shared love for all things animated, have become the focal point of CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL's strategic push into the anime scene.

From the bustling floors of conventions to the electric atmosphere of panels and workshops, CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL has been a proud participant in various anime conventions. These events aren't just opportunities to showcase their innovative products; they're a chance to connect with fellow anime enthusiasts and understand the unique essence of the community.

Taking Root: CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL's First Stop in the Anime World

As CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL plants its flag firmly in the anime realm, it's thrilled to announce its available at Ninja Xchange, a premier anime store located in Carlsbad, CA. 

Picture from CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL of Ninja Xchange

Anime Attire: CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL's Velcro Patches for Tactical Hats

What better way to express your love for anime than by wearing it proudly on your hat? CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL's new line of hook and loop (Velcro) patches is tailor-made for anime aficionados. These patches, designed to seamlessly attach to the company's tactical hats, feature captivating anime-inspired designs that resonate with fans of all genres. From iconic characters to unforgettable quotes, these patches transform hats into storytelling canvases.

The current collection offers a sneak peek into the creativity that CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL is injecting into the anime world. But the journey doesn't end here. The company is hard at work, preparing to unveil an even wider array of designs that will capture the essence of countless beloved anime series.


CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL Drip-X tactical Midnight camo black camouflage hatCAPS LOCK ORIGINAL Drip-X tactical Concrete gray grey hat

CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL Drip-X tactical Minty Fresh mint color hatCAPS LOCK ORIGINAL Drip-X tactical Jungle Camo green camouflage hat

Join Us on This Epic Odyssey

CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL's foray into the anime industry is more than just a business move; it's a heartfelt endeavor to unite fashion with fandom. Whether you're a die-hard anime enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates unique and versatile accessories, the company's tactical patch hats are an exciting addition to your wardrobe. Stay tuned as CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL continues to make waves in the anime scene, one innovative hat at a time. And if you're at an anime convention, keep an eye out for the CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL booth – a meeting place for all those who embrace the magic of anime and the art of self-expression.