The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Water-Repellent CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL Hat

Our Hats Last Longer Caring For Your CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL hat

A CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL Drip-X hat is more than just a fashion statement; it's a versatile accessory designed to brave the great outdoors while keeping you stylish. Crafted with advanced materials, CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL water-repellent hats offer durability and protection. In this guide, we'll walk you through essential tips for maintaining your CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL water-repellent hat's quality, even when washing it. While using a hat cage is recommended, we'll also share some alternative approaches.

We love wearing out CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL hats to the gym and really getting a good sweat! But sometimes you end up with this!

Sweat Rings On A Black Hat (eww!)

We hate this as much as you do!

CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL hat with sweat rings

1. Handle with Care

CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL Drip-X hats are built to withstand outdoor conditions, but treating them gently is still vital. When handling your hat, do so with care, avoiding unnecessary tugging or bending. By maintaining a gentle touch, you'll prolong the life of your CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL hat.

2. Washing Your CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL Drip-X Hat

Regular cleaning is essential to keep your CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL water-repellent hat looking fresh and ready for adventure. While we recommend using a hat cage when washing your hat in a washing machine, there are alternative methods that have proven effective.

Using hat cage vs. not using hat cage

CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL hats without hat cage and with hat cage

- Using a Hat Cage: To ensure the best results and protect your hat's shape, place it in a hat cage before tossing it in the washing machine. This prevents deformation and maintains the integrity of the hat's construction.

- Small Load Approach: If you don't have a hat cage, you can still wash your CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL water-repellent hat in a washing machine. However, it's crucial to wash it as part of a small load to prevent excessive agitation. Use a gentle cycle and cold water to minimize the risk of damage.


CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL washed hat without cage

Hat maintained shape. A little sweat ring retained but can use a tooth brush to remove the excess.


CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL washed with hat cage

Retained shape and was able to remove all the sweat rings

3. Drying Techniques

After washing, proper drying is essential to maintain your CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL water-repellent hat's water-resistant properties. Avoid using direct heat sources like radiators or hair dryers, as these can compromise the hat's performance.

- Air Drying: The best way to dry your CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL water-repellent hat is to air dry it. Gently reshape the hat to its original form and allow it to dry naturally at room temperature. Placing it on a clean, flat surface is ideal.

Hat Drying Process Tested With Drying With Air Dry Feature

CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL hats with air dry feature on dryer

We advise just air drying your hat but decided to test the air dry feature on our dryer and this is the result. Still maintained shape with no damage to hat. If you don't have air dry feature on dryer it is best to just let it air dry. If you have one of our tactical hats the care for the hook and loop is important and should never use high heat on these so it does not ruin the hook and loop (velcro).

4. Limited Exposure to the Elements

While CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL hats are designed to withstand the outdoors, minimizing extended exposure to harsh elements is still advisable. Protecting your hat from extreme conditions can extend its lifespan and keep it looking its best.


A CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL water-repellent hat is your companion for outdoor adventures, gym sessions, skate sessions and stylish outings. With proper care and a thoughtful approach to washing, you can ensure that your hat remains a reliable accessory from CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL. Remember, while using a hat cage is recommended, alternative methods can still deliver positive results. By following these guidelines, you'll keep your CAPS LOCK ORIGINAL water-repellent hat in prime condition, ready to face the world alongside you.